Siggi lives in So. California somewhere between the Big City(LA)and Santa Barbara (Dreamtown USA), so they say. 

Siggi wohnt in Suedcalifornien so ungefaehr zwischen Los Angeles und Santa Barbara


Looking at 'Stories' you'll find a picture story about my years in Canada, way back in the 50s. This story is written in German. 

Eine der 'Stories' ist eine Bildergeschichte ueber meine Jahre in Canada in den 50ger  Jahren in Deutsch.


Furthermore there is a story about an english lady trying to make arrangements to visit Switzerland. Can't tell you much more. Read it. 


The 'Photos' contain some of my own 'creations' and links to a few sites I like.

Auf der 'Photoseite' sind einige meiner eigenen 'Werke' und Links zu anderen Seiten.


And 'Links', you know 'links'. They lead here , there and everywhere without ever coming to the end. The 'Endless Web' with all it's delights and dangers. Beware.

Und unter 'Links' gibt es Links bis in's Unendliche.


And check out the 'Links' below.